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Cheap Bus Hire in Cape Town

Customers are always in need of a bus company who offers cheap bus hire options in Cape Town. What’s more, is that it is a challenge to find tour operators who offer these affordable coach and bus rental prices. Plus, once you find such a bus service, what is the quality of their coaches? What is the quality of their service? Moreover, it would be to your advantage when you find these achievable bus hire prices combined with excellent service. In this post, we provide you with    to help you know when you are

Are you planning your tour to Cape Town and the greater Western Cape, but not sure where to start? Our bus hire Cape Town fleet page will quickly give you an overview of what luxury coach sizes are available. Not forgetting, the 60 seater conference coach option, which is ideal for medium to larger tour groups.

So, how do you know you are paying cheap bus hire prices?

It may seem like a difficult question to ask, since as a Customer how do you know you are getting cheap bus hire prices? The coach hire pricing you receive from a tour bus company, includes a number of cost factors. To name these elements, it is fuel, insurance, driver fees and toll fees if any.

Factors that keep bus hire prices affordable

Firstly, what makes a bus company jack up their pricing, is the cost of the actual coach. For example, a new touring Mercedes Benz 17 to 21 seater luxury coach, costs around R 850,000.00 to R 1,290,000.00 depending on what tour add-ons the tour bus company chooses. However, this same touring luxury coach can be purchased second hand for around R 550,000.00. To be honest, this is where the difference in bus charter price varies. Oftentimes, to rent a coach costs more because it is a newer model. This is to say, that the running cost of that coach is higher than usual. As a result, the tour coach rental company passes on the cost to the customer.

You should not be paying more for excellent bus service

Having said that, you should not be paying increased bus hire rates for a coach charter service, that should be quality and above average in the first place. However, it is unfortunate that we have seen bad service before, at a high price. To clarify, not only does this happen in Cape Town, South Africa, but in other countries in the world. Further to this, a tour drivers’ attitude and level of professionalism all adds to the tour experience, which a tour group enjoys. What’s more, if the bus or coach is not up to standard, it also has a negative effect on the tour.

Questions our Customers ask about budget-friendly coach rental prices

To summarize, questions our Customers usually ask and you might too. How do I find a charter bus company near me? Do they offer cheap bus hire options for a tour like mine? Is their bus service delivery professional and above average? Nonetheless, these are all valid questions that a Customer has the right to ask. We continuously work to improve our service delivery and to keep it Customer centric.

"Cheap bus hire prices, does not mean that the quality of service should be compromised. Customer service should not come at a cost. It should be a given standard of excellence."

Bus Hire Cape Town Charter Manager

What is included in your bus rental?

As initially mentioned, fuel for the coach, the tour drivers’ services and all running costs pertaining to the vehicle. Furthermore, public liability insurance, which covers the passengers i the event of an unforeseen accident. Additionally, when passengers are need of being picked up at the airport, the parking fees is included. To confirm, in terms of tax law, transport is not subject to Value Added Tax (VAT).

What is excluded in your bus rental

Coach and bus companies have it in their terms and conditions, that any entrance fees at a National Park or Reserve is for the customers account. For example, visiting a museum or botanical gardens is not included in any of the bus hire rates provided. For one thing, when passengers arrive at the airport with their luggage, the porterage costs are excluded and the client is required to pay for that if they use that service. Additionally, any expense of a personal nature is by definition for the customers own pocket. In summary, at the end of the tour usually the tour driver receives a discretionary gratuity gift or tip. We leave this completely to the discretion of the passengers. Finally, while traveling outside of Cape Town the tour driver would require accommodation as well as meals. These costs too are for the clients account.

Let’ show you some options

This post is not about telling you how great cheap bus hire is, but rather guiding you through the reasoning of how cost-effective bus hire and quality service should work together. To get sight on some affordable bus transportation with above average service, you can start here:

available coach rental choices: Cape Town bus fleet
variation of bus services: Coach rental services across the Western Cape
shuttle services: airport transfer and conference shuttles

Last but not least, an incredible source of information: our guide on bus hire prices in Cape Town, which also illustrates cost examples of various coach rentals.

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